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  VSK the world's first film Credit Union, promised ten years long original customer service quality assurance, using nano magnetron sputtering technology is the most advanced in the world, the thickness is thinner than the hair of gold and silver, indium and other rare metal materials, optical grade polyester film sputtered onto the PET accounted for only 1% of the world production of polyester film technology selection; intelligent spectrum, VSK safety insulation film by infrared radiation energy of solar spectral reflectance in the car to reduce the heat effect of selective barrier does not need heat, visible light transmissivity and the maximum allowed; anti explosion technology excellence, in broken glass, firmly adhering glass in place, to prevent penetration or splash phenomenon, to ensure your personal safety and property. Four times the ordinary window film toughness, security, confidence; incomparable clarity, the world's finest optical PET substrate, low temperature, vacuum, multilayer metal magnetron sputtering process application tip, the formation of molecular coating in order to achieve the ultimate, clear vision. From the world's first glass film produced by the U.S. space technology manufacturer, M.S.C. international special film Co Ltd and the world's largest producer of film deposited by magnetron sputtering, internationally recognized in metal film, coating and composite, product development, technological innovation, manufacturing industry leaders, BSF two U.S. all factories will be widely used in the United States, the U.S. space shuttle B2 stealth bomber production technology to make full use of the automotive glass film research, for the global high-end car manufacturers and distinguished owners to provide the ideal choice for automotive insulation film.